Medical Waiting Room TV Advertising

Innovative Media Technology Designed To Engage Patients And Increase Practice Revenue.

Medical Waiting Room TV

CityScreen is an interactive media application for medical waiting room tv and designed to engage and educate patients on-location at the point of care.  Because any internet connected smart-tv can function as a powerful tool that increases patient engagement and revenue for your practice, we make it easy to start your own medical channel. Stop streaming local cable and start streaming content that matters to your patients and to your bottom line.

Engage & Educate Patients

Transform your medical practice waiting room tv into a powerful tool that engages, because informing and entertaining patients while they wait is a proven effect way to increase revenue and reduce perceived wait times. Why run local cable channels when you can run your own network that’s focused on content that matters to your patients and products or services you endorse. Patients report decreased perceived wait times and clinicians enjoy direct revenue growth, because our applications have been tested and proven effective.

Increase Practice Revenue

If your medical practice still runs local cable channels in the lobby and waiting areas, you’re leaving significant revenue on the table. CityScreen technology for medical practices helps practitioners display engaging content about elective services and products that can help drive sales. In addition, practitioners can opt-in to run ads from local businesses that want to reach your patients while they wait. Two ways to instantly add high margin new revenue to your practice.

  • Engage Patients
  • Increase Satisfaction
  • Run Ads
  • Grow Revenue

Medical Waiting Room TV Content

Content is king and can make or break your deployment. To ensure success and ROI we provide you with a number of content options that make running your own waiting room tv channel easy. Choose from 100s of medical waiting room tv video templates or engage our professional services group to help you produce fully customized video content.

Smart TV Solutions

CityScreen™ waiting room marketing solutions for medical practices can be deployed on any internet connected smart tv. If you have an existing smart-tv installed we can start there or we can help you design and deploy a complete interactive waiting-room experience from procurement to installation and channel deployment.

End To End Support

We help transform waiting room smart tv’s into a powerful marketing tool and help drive high margin revenue.

  • Branded Smart-TV app for your practice
  • Use any internet connected Smart-TV
  • No extra hardware required
  • Run multiple inter/intra screen displays
  • 100s of medical templates & creative resources
  • Professional content development
  • 100% ad-free, or …
  • Opt-in to run local ads and earn
  • Set your own price to run external ads!
  • Easy to set-up, full ongoing support

Smart TV Content Studio

Choose from hundreds of pre-made video templates to use on your Smart TV Channel or inquire about our Smart TV Studio service to help you produce unique content for your brand.

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