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Business Overview

Smart TV Tipping App

Tip TV is an interactive Smart TV Tipping App that adds an element of gaming to the custom of tipping service providers. Tip TV is a Smartphone-To-Screen Game application developed to entertain audiences and drive tipping behavior in a fun new way at locations where tipping is customary (i.e. bars, restaurants) it’s also a powerful application that non-profits can use to drive donations.

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smart tv app for tipping and donations

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smart tv app for tipping and donations

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📲Game Flow

Patrons are prompted to engage with the smart tv tipping app via a rotating splash page which is displayed on a locations public facing smart tv. The owner / operator can choose to engage patrons by providing a custom telephone number they can send a SMS text message to or display a QR code which instantly links the tipping app to the patrons smartphone (both the sms text number and the trigger message are fully brand customizable). The application responds with a link and a customizable message from the game and initiates the tip / donation process. The link opens the remote control web application from the patrons mobile phone browser and instantly connects to the host tv via web socket – a connection indicator on the game screen is presented once a secure connection has been established. From there, the patron is prompted to select a tip / donation amount and then initiate a tip which is broadcast up to all connected tvs. Upon firing the tip / donation button, the host TV tip animation begins and displays a fun and attention grabbing sequence on the big screen. Tip / donation alerts are sent to the onwer / operator via the tipping app and to the patron confirming the funds transfer.

  • Sponsorship Licenses Available
  • Custom Branding / Re-skin
  • Fully Functional / Compiled Game
  • Prize Frequency Control
  • Instant Tip / Donation / Funds Transfer
  • 100% Browser Based

  • Brands can sponsor
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